DIY Felt Ornament Christmas




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Organic Felt Ornament
Materials Needed
Felt – I used a sandstone color
Small fabric scissors
Crafter’s foam balls 2″ diameter
Ribbon 1/8″ – I used a cream color
Hot glue gun
Step 1. Cut a 12″ long piece of ribbon and place the ends inside of the small hole in your foam ball. Fill the hole with hot glue (I’m not sure if the is the best way of attachment, but it’s all I could come up with 🙂



Step 2. Cut your felt into small circles (approximately 2″ in diameter). You will need about 30 circles to cover 1 ball – I know it sounds like a lot, but once you get going, they are fairly quick and easy to cut. (but if you buy a smaller foam ball you wont need quite as many). I liked to work on 1 ornament at a time, so my fingers wouldn’t get so tired.


Now cut the circles directly in half.
Step 3. Take one of the half circles and hold it so the curved edge is facing down. Then fold the right corner down, place a dab of hot glue in the center of the fold, and then fold the left side over the top.




Now place your finger inside of the opening so it looks like a little finger hat! This will help flare out the edges of the shape…the larger the flare the less you will have to use to cover the foam ball.



Step 4. Repeat the above step for all of your 1/2 circles. When you are done gluing, cut off the bottom tips.


Step 5. Hot glue the felt shapes to your foam ball (large side up). If you have a low temp glue gun you can work a little more quickly by gluing a large area and then adding multiple pieces at a time. (if the glue is too hot it will melt the foam) Glue the pieces next to each other and work your way around. If you just glue randomly, you will be left with awkward spaced in-between the felt.




Step 6. If you want, you can add a little embellishment to your ribbon loop (like a lace bow or beads). Here are a few options I tried out…
I decided to go with just a simple small ribbon…
And now hang on your tree and enjoy!

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